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Pictures of English Tenses - Level 1




Mark Fletcher and Richard Munns


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Designed for teaching at Council of Europe language level CEF - A1/A2. Where CEF is Common European Framework.

Visuals and exercises which provide motivating practice in the key structures of English.

40 Photocopy-free masters (A4 size)
Full teaching notes
Visuals for oral practice on the front
Written follow up exercises on the back

Grammar taught includes:

  • Present Simple
  • Present Simple / Continuous
  • Past Simple
  • Future 'will'
  • Future 'going to'
  • 'To be' & 'To have' & 'To go' & 'To like'
  • exact CONTENTS are as follows:
  •      Pictures (Side A) / Exercises (Side B)

         1             The ‘BIG PICTURE’             Overview of tenses
         2             ‘To be’ & ‘To have’                 present simple
         3             ‘To go’ & ‘to like’                  Present Simple
         4             ‘My day .....    ’                     Present Simple
         5             ‘What is she doing ......?’          Present Continuous
         6             ‘Usually but .....’                   Present Simple or Continuous ?
         7             ‘Bill’s holiday’                      past Simple
         8             ‘Betty’s day out’                    More past Simple                
         9             ‘World traveller’                    Future ‘will’
        10             ‘After work’                        Future ‘going to’
        11             ‘In my bag ...’                    ‘Have got’
        12             ‘Rainbow Grammar’                Revision


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