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Heartland Book


978 1 898295 51 8


Tom Reid



Designed for teaching at Council of Europe language level CEF - B2. Where CEF is Common European Framework.

Full teaching notes

12 original songs appealing to adults and teenagers with content to give stimuli for discussions on emotion, ambition, and relationships both successful and unsuccessful.

The 12 songs are on accompanying audio CD.

Words from each song appear in full in book to aid understanding. Words also appear with 'cloze test' - vital words missing - to aid vocabulary building

Content stimulates discussion. Imaginative language work sheets to aid comprehension, language of comparison, emotional response, preference etc.

Good listening — great motivation

EFL's answer to Paul McCartney, Bob Dylan, Paul Simon...

Without You

I’m standing on the corner, waiting for my friends to come
Trying to kick the mud off of my shoes
I’m thinking and wondering what it’s like to be alone
Because I could do nothing without you

The wind is howling through the buttons of my coat
And the rain keeps on pouring right through
But tonight I feel like I must be the luckiest man alive
Because I could do nothing without you



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