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Mark Fletcher & Richard Munns



Designed for teaching at Council of Europe language level CEF - A1/A2. Where CEF is Common European Framework.

English for travel and communication

A short course for class or home study

  • 10 units with dramatised story and special ‘puzzle’ element.
  • Lively, entertaining input of social English.
  • Excellent grammar teaching through pictures and colour coding
  • ‘Rocket phrases’ for instant communication
  • Memory maps to fix language in the mind
  • Text and music ‘concert cassette’ for relaxed, fast but intensive learning
  • ‘Power pack’ introduction to build confidence
  • Teaching Notes
  • An active 20 hour course which uses the best of modern methods to lift communicative competence to Intermediate Level.

“Absolutely ideal quick ‘communicate in English’ course. Excellent preparation for groups coming to England.”



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