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Relatively Speaking Teacher's CD ROM


978 0 9546664 4 5


Mark Fletcher & Richard Munns



Advanced Level English Course Teacher's  CD ROM

(also suitable for native speakers as General Studies).

  • ‘Relatively Speaking’ CD ROMs include reading of the texts from the story of time travel through the steps of civilisation in approximately 2 hours of listening for listening to on a computer !
  •  CD ROM accompanies book with Teacher's Notes - Pictures of artifacts, illustrations etc. of all topics under all a Teacher needs to run the course.
  • ‘Relatively Speaking’ presents a lot of information in a lively and challenging way, and offers a great deal of scope for creative development.
  • Participants join a whistle-stop tour taking in the caves of Lascaux, the island of Samos, the Great Wall of China, Galileo’s Venice, Newton’s Cambridge, Mendel looking at peas in his monastery garden, Einstein lecturing – and many other landmarks of inspiration which shape the way we understand our world today.


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